Little Green Box

Cooperative shares - Tax Shelter - Campaign closing: 9 June 2019

  • Responsible consumption and production
Impact category Close to you
Degree of maturity
Amount collected : 30,800.00 €
Fundraising goal
90,000 €


Little Green Box is the only player on the meal box market that proposes a zero-waste solution with 100% bio, local and seasonal products through its deposit-return system. 

The cooperative has a dual social mission. On the one hand, Little Green Box wants involve all members of the household in the preparation of meals by offering fun, colorful and delicious recipes. On the other hand, it wants to rebuild a strong connection between producers and final consumers of food products by including a presentation of the local producers whose ingredients being used in the meal box. 

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For responsible and zero-waste food consumption 

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Today, Little Green Box has 2 full-time employees. The team consists of Szandra, the founder, who is responsible for the development of Little Green Box and Sophie who recently joined the team, under a specific public social welfare status, to help Szandra. Little Green Box is currently recruiting someone who will be in charge of operations and logistics.

3a9bb1c442c523648eadbbfbe35ae5e9 Szandra Gonzalez President and Managing Director
820a3f60c343682f1f97c63931db0f31 Gaël Reffers Maza Employee


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Long term impact

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3 Jobs created or secured

1 year after the fundraising

20355plastic or other containers avoided

1 year after the fundraising

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Regulatory information document

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Rapport et comptes 2018

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Dossier d'investissement FR

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Fundraising goal
90,000 €
Min. amount.

50,000 €

Max. amount.

150,000 €

Financial product

Cooperative shares

Financial advantage

200.00 €


100,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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