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After a complicated year in 2021 with poor results, a recovery plan was presented in 2022 by the Board of Directors. Although this plan provided for a strict plan to reduce direct and indirect costs as well as a reorientation of the product range, this was not enough to keep the company afloat. The company was faced with commercial failures that undermined its efforts, as well as a crisis in the organic food sector that strongly affected its overall sales. The distrust of banks and some partners also played a role in the decline. In September 2022 the company had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.


Lili Bulk envisions a world where food products can be sold without the enormous packaging waste that accompanies the food sector today. In order to facilitate the transition towards zero-waste food consumption, which can be both energy- and time-consuming, Lili Bulk offers a wide range of basic food products and ready-to-cook mixes in returnable and reusable jars, which are sold through an online shop (B2C) and in organic shops (B2B2C). Lili Bulk works across almost the entire supply chain, from sourcing to sales to cleaning the used jars, partly in cooperation with its partner, La Ferme Nos Pilifs.

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