Comptoir de Campagne

  • Local economy
  • Short circuit
  • Resilient city
  • Reduced inequality
  • Sustainable cities and communities
Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity Acceleration
Amount collected : € 693 881.30



Comptoir de Campagne establishes a new generation of local, connected and multi-services stores and wants to revitalize French villages in rural areas. Comptoir de Campagne offers everyday local products, proximity services (postal and printing services, pressing…), e-services (drive, delivery services…) and a restauration area in order to strengthen social bonds. Created in 2015 by Virginie Hils, the company opened a first counter in Champdieu, a village of 1,800 inhabitants. Following the first opening’s success, Comptoir de Campagne opened 5 new counters in the area around. After a first fundraising in 2017, the company launches a fund raising in order to reinforce its organizations and to hire new employees.

Are you ready to revitalize rural villages in France with Virgine Hils ? Then invest in Comptoir de Campagne !

Comptoir de Campagne : faire revivre les villages par le commerce. 


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Amount collected
€ 693 881.3
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