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  • Reducing waste
  • Local production
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
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150,000 €


Konligo is disrupting the event sector with its eye-catching and sustainable stands and pop-up structures made from recycled aluminum, that are compact for easy transport and storage, and that can be set up in minutes instead of hours. After more than 15 years of research, this VUB spin-off is using its design-protected "scissor technology" to create structures that are light, solid and transformable. Currently, to stand out,  event companies use one-off wooden structures which are thrown away after single use. Konligo offers a sustainable solution that is both reusable and aesthetic, thereby replying to the design needs of event managers who want to stand out at events.

Having acquired several important clients, Konligo is now looking to accelerate their development. The company is looking to you to help them grow and make the event sector more sustainable!

create. unfold. fascinate.

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3,8 employees

The Konligo team has a long history of working and doing research together. When Aushim Koumar, an entrepreneur at heart, finished his Ph.D. in 2016, he gathered a team consisting of his supervisors, Niels De Temmerman and Tine Tysmans, who both are VUB professors in the field of innovative and lightweight transformable structures, and his business mentor, Baudouin Hubert, an economist with expertise in business development. Together they created the Konligo story. Lara Alegria Mira, who has a Ph.D. in civil engineering as well as work experience in the tent sector, joined the team in 2018 . Her versatile profile was exactly what the start-up needed. Recently, Saïd Guenar, a senior salesperson, joined the team to scale up the revenue. Together they form a complementary team with a high level of technical as well as entrepreneurial skills.

6842ad36e2494695f4dc5cf3592ba8b0 Aushim Koumar CEO
F104a7cdc11c26ed7ff341e2b9bbb6d8 Lara Alegria Mira COO
8fdf0db4904b5ec519a179b4493afc4d Baudouin Hubert Business and Product Developer
Fb469e0f1acbd5d2c56ec83c118ea2c3 Niels De Temmerman Product Developer & Design Engineer
346632f0fceda4b7c32f50e42c4d390c Tine Tysmans Structural Engineer
F4eecd22c7c4c66ff19b28e835613079 Saïd Guenar Customer Manager


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11 Jobs created or secured

1 year after the fundraising

50tons of waste avoided

1 year after the fundraising

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Fundraising goal
150,000 €
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100,000 €

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250,000 €

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100,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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