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Bazaar St-So

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  • Co-Working
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Economy
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Sustainable cities and communities
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Amount collected : 187,100.00 €
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200,000 €
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The Bazaar St-So in Lille is a project initiated by the Smart cooperative, which is specialized in the creation of shared and collaborative third places for self-employed workers, and InitiativesETcités, a local player in social innovation and job creation. Based in a former freight station built in 1865, the Bazaar will offer a 5000 m2 area dedicated to the creative economy once the space is rehabilitated in early 2020. The Bazaar will then bring together entrepreneurs, independents and citizens in an eco-system promoting cooperation, creativity, innovation and employment. The human support and the favourable framework will allow the emergence of innovative projects while giving new life to an emblematic building of the city of Lille.

To stimulate job creation and the creative economy, support the Lille St-So Bazaar campaign!

Lille St-So offers workstations in an old train station.

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5 employees

The project is coordinated by Caroline Senez, a former consultant in complex project and partnership management , who joined Smart. Her operational team is completed by Benoit Garet, a specialist in the cultural sector who provides strategic advice, particularly on the financing of the project, Zoé Brevière, coordinator of the InitiativesETcités cluster who brings her knowledge of local actors, Quentin Debruyne, communication officer at Smart and Alain Pietrzak, site manager to follow the construction site as project ownership.

705d01eba52f8de8f287640669d7f1d8 Arnaud Turbez President (InitiativesETcités)
152ecb7e0b28085d190fa9af933b4a15 Caroline Senez Project Manager
24b3fa924319867a8579a6587a6ccd8a Benoit Garet Strategic Consulting (smart)
31dc40a13152cc8786cd643ce35d5432 Zoé Brevière Coordinator (IntiativesETcités)
Dbcbff61f2d84573474c57c075d17db9 Quentin Debruyne Communication Manager (smart)
868f71ae936cf8d0ba7b96cb50ba09ee Alain Pietrzak Work driver (smart)


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Long term impact

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100 Jobs created or secured

At 1 year after fundraising

100collaborations set up between the creators of the Bazaar St-So

At 1 year after fundraising

Financial data


Estelle G

J'ai investi dans Bazaar St-So car Lille est ma ville d'étudiante, que j'ai adoré la vie culturelle lorsque j'y vivais, et que je tiens à soutenir son dynamisme, qui plus est à St Sauveur.

Benjamin D

J'ai investi dans Bazaar St-So car je viens de Lille et que c'est un projet qui dynamisera le secteur

Clémentine J

J'ai investi dans Bazaar St-So car je veux participer au développement d'un projet de tiers-lieux innovant sur mon territoire.

Marine R

J'ai investi dans Bazaar St-So car j'avait déjà investi sur une plateforme de crowdfunding immobilier (homunity) auparavant mais cette fois je cherchais une plateforme qui soutenait des projets respectueux de l'environnement et des initiatives sociales et solidaires, j'ai trouvé LITA. J'ai choisi le Bazaar St-So car je suis de la région et je pense que ça va marcher !

Yann F

J'ai investi dans Bazaar St-So car le projet est local, il revalorise cet endroit de manière intelligente et verte.

Samuel L

J'ai investi dans Bazaar St-So car j'ai habité Lille et je crois à ce genre de tiers-lieux

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Contrat d'émission

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Manifeste Bazaar St-So

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Fundraising goal
200,000 €
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100,000 €

Max. amount.

300,000 €

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Financial benefits

100.00 €


100,000.00 €

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Risks: Investing in young companies presents a significant risk of partial or total loss of the invested amount as well as a risk of illiquidity.

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