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  • sustainable make-up
  • local production
  • organic
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Land Life
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Habeebee contributes towards a virtuous circle where we take care of bees and bees take care of us. Since 2016, this startup has promoted apiculture and has shown individuals how to master natural beekeeping using horizontal hives. This community of Habeebeekeepers then become the main suppliers of the raw material for the company, which uses the surplus produced by the hives to make handcrafted skincare products. The company offers a complete range of products using propolis and beeswax, which it sells at its workshop, in bioshops across Belgium, and on its website.

Do you think beesness is good business? Then join Habeebee in its expansion !

Products dedicated to beauty and care with the complicity of bees!


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Amount collected
€ 221 615
Financial product
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