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SportaMundi is a recognized player in the sports world. Based on scientific insights from Ghent University, this organization develops applications that stimulate children to play sports. Since a few decades there is a decreasing trend in physical activity among young people, which is a real challenge for public health and the general development of children. SportaMundi's first answer to this challenge: let each child discover the sport that best suits him or her through exercises and questions around motivation. Overall, SportaMundi is committed to the development of sustainable digital sharing platforms and innovations within the non-profit ecosystem of sports education research.

The association recently learned that the Flemish government allocated a 495.000€ subsidy to SportMundi, which has a significant positive effect on the financial plan. Do you want to bring more movement into the lives of young people? Support the development of SportaMundi!

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Sabine F.

I invested in SportaMundi because the project looks nice, it's not new, it looks solid. And since we've saved a little bit of money, it might as well be a nice project. I like the "security" of the bonds, it gives an end to the investment.

Philippe D.

I invested in SportaMundi because the project seems very promising. Sport is life!

Eric V.

I have invested in SportaMundi because I have confidence in Lita.co.

Frédéric T.

I invested in SportaMundi because I really liked their projects. May they be able to propose their concepts in Wallonia one day!

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Amount collected
€ 161 400
Financial product
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