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  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Action against climate change
  • Aquatic life
Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 750 000.00


Founded in 2011 by Guillaume Le Grand and Diana Mesa, TOWT (TransOceanic Wind Transport) aims to massively reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport by developing sail cargo ships powered primarily by wind. The premise is simple: offshore wind is abundant, reliable and predictable, renewable and free, and sailing is the means to transform this propulsive energy as a driving force for large quantities of goods over long distances.

Today, TOWT charters existing ships on transatlantic and European routes to transport non-perishable organic, natural or fair trade products: wines, beers, teas, chocolates, coffees which are then marketed, for own account or for third parties. In order to move up a gear and envisage a large-scale decarbonization, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, TOWT is moving to an industrial scale. After 10 years of activity, more than 1 million products transported on 18 chartered ships and the creation of ANEMOS © (the label for the authenticity of products transported by sail), TOWT decided to raise 4,5 million euros on LITA.co in order to finance a first ship with a capacity of more than 1,000 tons of goods. TOWT's clients, including major names in the chocolate, coffee, wine and spirits and textile industries, have already begun to reserve their places in the holds of the future cargo ships. They will thus reduce the carbon footprint of the transport of their products by almost 90%!

Get on board of the first TOWT ship with LITA.co by investing in the shipping company and change sea transport!

Découvrez TOWT avec Guillaume Le Grand.

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Amount collected
€ 750 000
Financial product
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