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In the 2000's, following the waves of relocations of textile production, the philanthropic entrepreneur Pierre Schmitt decided to buy four Alsatian companies in difficulty, and united them within the Velcorex - Emanuel Lang Group. His project? To save the jobs and local know-how of each of these specialized companies: Velcorex for velvet, Philea Textiles for viscose, Tissage des Chaumes for tweed and Emanuel Lang for natural fibers. This production equipment is complemented by its own sales brand, Matières Françaises. While 90% of linen is produced in France, it is exported to low-cost countries for processing, before being redistributed in France. The Group intends to remedy this ecological aberration by relocating the entire process to the Haut-Rhin region and to include the participation of an ESAT in its production chain. This is a systemic project that also contributes to the fight against fast fashion and its human and environmental abuses. Already a trusted partner of renowned responsible textile companies such as Loom or 1083, the Group will also develop the use of bio-sourced materials, which have a much smaller carbon footprint.

Participate in the systemic reorganization of the textile industry in favor of the ecological transition by investing in Velcorex!

Velcorex œuvre pour la transition écologique de l’industrie textile.

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Amount collected
€ 1 000 000
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