La Ressource

Cooperative shares

  • Sustainable care
  • Zero waste
  • Eco-friendly
  • Short circuit
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
Impact category Sustainable living
Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 121 800.00


La Ressource is a chain of sustainable and collaborative drugstores where you can find everything you need to take care of yourself and your home while respecting the nature. Cleaning products and ingredients in bulk, cosmetics from Belgium, gift ideas, zero-waste accessories... Launched in 2020, the Brussels-based company currently has three shops (Etterbeek, Jette, Uccle), each equipped with a shared lab, and a webshop, and is continuing to grow: it plans to set up at least two new points of sale, one of which could be outside Brussels, in the next 12 months.

La Ressource has already raised funds via LITA and is looking again for investors to co-finance its expansion.

Do you want to contribute to facilitating zero waste, ethical and locally sourced products through an audacious chain of shops? Become a cooperator of La Ressource and join the adventure!

A cooperative aiming to promote zero-waste...



Candice Enderlé, eco-interior designer, and Nastassia Godeaux, political science graduate and herbology enthusiast, founded together the ASBL Alma Sana. With their experiences, they first created a La Ressource pop-up store before setting up the cooperative and developing several stores on the Brussels territory with their third associate Alexandre Plaideau
The management team of La Ressource is now composed of Nastassia, who is still an administrator, and Cédric Moulin, managing director, who has spent his entire career in retail, notably as a Färm affiliate, and has already worked for a year within our cooperative in order to bring his expertise, train the teams and set up efficient management tools.

Each shop has its own manager: Félicité Delasalles in Jette, who is also responsible for procurement, Sophie De Bruyne in the new Etterbeek shop, who is also responsible for communication, and Cléa Aertsens, who is in charge of Uccle.

Cédric Moulin
Head Manager
Félicité Delasalles
Purchase manager and Jette shop manager
Sophie De Bruyne
Communication manager and Etterbeek shop manager
Cléa Aertsens
Uccle shop Manager
Nastassia Godeaux
Candice Enderlé
Alexandre Plaideau


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Long term impact

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5 Jobs created or secured

1 year after the fundraising

4000zero-waste-conscious people

1 year after the fundraising


Geneviève A

I invested in La Ressource because I am already a cooperator with my husband and we like the project. We regularly buy from the shop in Jette.

Johan C

I invested in La Ressource because I had already invested and time has shown that it was a good decision.

Augustin F

We no longer have a choice and I must do my part in the collective effort. This kind of initiative must exists, flourish and become widespread.

Jean Louis G

I invested in La Ressource because I had already invested in the first campaign. I am a regular customer of the shop in Jette and I believe in the concept.

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Fundraising goal
€ 100 000
Min. goal
€ 50 000
Max. goal
€ 150 000
Financial product
Cooperative shares
Financial benefit
Tax benefit
€ 280.00
€ 100 000.00
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