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  • Sustainable furniture
  • Made in Europe
  • Know-how
  • Revalorisation
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Action against climate change
Impact category Sustainable living Degree of maturity Development
Amount collected : € 285 800.00



TIPTOE is a French furniture brand committed to more sustainable and high quality design. The brand designs in-house furniture with timeless design made 100% in France and Europe with resistant, eco-certified, already recycled and easily recyclable materials. Founded in 2015 by Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada, TIPTOE offers a wide range of furniture for individuals and professionals (hotels, restaurants, offices, shops). With a strong brand reputation in France and Europe, the company sells its products internationally and has a turnover of €6M in 2022 with an average annual growth of 32% since 2018, driven by an omnichannel distribution strategy and the diversification of its offer. Belgium is the 3rd most strategic country and represents a strong opportunity for the brand through its appetite for design. Concerned about social and environmental issues, the brand develops each product with a focus on sustainability and circularity by considering the entire value chain. Its commitment to quality products is based on excellence providers in Europe and in France, including Matthieu Bourgeaux's family workshop, which is one of its historical partners. To reinforce its approach, TIPTOE becomes an "entreprise à mission" in 2021, meaning that their environmental and social commitment is set out in the company's legal framework. TIPTOE obtains the B-corp certification in 2022 and intends to multiply circular initiatives such as the "RESTORE" programme, which offers a second life to its products. The brand has surrounded itself with strategic and financial players such as the BPI (French public investment bank), the Eutopia fund and qualified business angels. Today, TIPTOE is soliciting for a €2M citizen fundraising (in France and Belgium), while waiting for a new fundraising planned for 2024. The funds raised will be used to finance the development of new sustainable products, the opening of 2 shops in Paris and the expansion of the distribution network in France and abroad.

Invest in the transition of the furniture and design sector and contribute to making TIPTOE an influential sustainable design brand in Europe.

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Olivier D.

I invested in TIPTOE BE because Tiptoe's values are values that I share.

Geoffroy d.

I invested in TIPTOE because I like their products and their results are encouraging.

Alain R.

I invested in TIPTOE because this company brings together all the aspirations to which I am sensitive: sustainable development and circular economy, the transition to a healthier economy, the reindustrialisation of Europe from valuable heritage roots.

Brigitte B.

I invested in TIPTOE BE because the values of this company speak to me in both ecological and societal terms.

Primitivo S.

I invested in TIPTOE BE because I want my investments to make sense.

François N.

I invested in TIPTOE because the company offers quality products and deserves to be encouraged to continue its positive activity for society.

Philippe M.

I invested in TIPTOE BE because I think the project is very interesting and totally in line with the sustainable production conditions that are essential for our future.

Gaetan d.

I invested in TIPTOE because it's a company that puts sustainability at the heart of its business model, which in itself is already a guarantee of success. Long live TIPTOE!

Marie-Claire R.

I invested in TIPTOE because I find the designs original, sustainable and local.

Nicolas v.

I invested in TIPTOE because I want to diversify my investments and invest more sustainably.


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Amount collected
€ 285 800
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