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Indrani - Morimont Site
Bonds 8%

  • Sustainable real estate
  • Decarbonation
  • Transition
  • Clean and affordable energy
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
Impact category Sustainable real estate Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 1 175 700.00


The mission of Indrani Group is to create an environment in which people can live both well and sustainably while converting to an ecological model and maintaining respect for all living beings. The company has successfully been developing a circular eco-space since 2020, by transforming a heritage-listed former farm into a hotel, farm, restaurant, wellness space and several housing units. A pioneer in carbon footprint reduction, the transformation of this eco-space, is based on strong principles of eco-responsibility, short supply chains, sustainability and regeneration. Some of Indrani's energy infrastructures, for example, have been grouped together in a citizen's energy community (GreenDyle), benefiting neighbouring residents. 

Currently, the hotel complex is being extended with the renovation of sustainable residential units. Indrani is developing a one-hectare rural estate with 7 homes for sale. Supported by the successful ecological renovation of the site and the fact that the renovation of the central complex is already in an advanced stage, the company wishes to raise €1.25 million in bonds to complete the works. Now is your chance to invest in this eco-responsible real estate project, an essential pillar of our transition to ecological living! 

In addition to the real estate renovation project, Indrani Group's operational activities (hotel, restaurant, wellness, farm production) are booming. To finance the growth of these activities, Indrani will call on with a new bond campaign at the end of 2023.

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Daniel H.

I invested in Indrani because it's important to make real estate sustainable and accessible.

Alain R.

I invested in Indrani because the project presents a coherent whole, already well advanced, of several activities oriented towards a sustainable objective in all its aspects.

Pascale B.

I invested in Indrani because I believe in responsible and inclusive construction.


I invested in Indrani because I am convinced that sustainable construction is an essential part of the fight against global warming...

Pierre C.

I invested in Indrani because it's a great way of preserving old architecture.

Andrea C.

I invested in Indrani because I'm looking for forms of investment that combine profitability and sustainability.

Roger B.

I've invested in Indrani because we think it's a good, sustainable and well thought-out project. We wish them every success with their activities.

marc t.

I invested in Indrani because the project meets my personal values.

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Amount collected
€ 1 175 700
Financial product
Investing in unlisted companies carries the risk of losing all the money invested.