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  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Action against climate change
  • Land Life
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Amount collected : € 243 800.00



Reinette & Co is a cooperative active in the development of old-variety fruit from untreated high-stem orchards.

It works to structure the sector by pooling production and distribution resources. Orchard owners can rely on its services at various stages of the chain: harvesting, storage, processing and marketing of fruit and products.

The fruit picked from the tree is sold as table fruit, while the fruit collected off the ground is processed under the company's own brand into juices, compotes and other products. These are sold in a large number of points of sale in Belgium. The expert team also offers advice and support in setting up and maintaining orchards.

With 3 years of product development under its belt, the cooperative is working to become the key player for fruit from untreated orchards in Belgium.

Reinette & Co is looking for new co-operators to help finance the setting up of their processing and storage workshop in the Condroz, as well as the commercial development of their brand, for up to 300,000 euros.

In for a juicy adventure? Join Reinette & Co now and benefit from the Tax Shelter in 2023, a tax reduction of 45% of the amount you invest!

The cooperative will be in charge of the annual follow-up instead of

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Wathelet L.

I invested in Reinette & Co because it's a responsible investment in agriculture, it's very concrete/tangible and it has tax benefits.

Lionel B.

I invested in Reinette & Co to support the local economy, local flavours and the Walloon (Belgian) landscape in general! Becoming a cooperator will allow me to invest in a project and keep up to date with its progress, as well as giving me the chance to meet new people (and learn more about this field).

Aude-Isabelle W.

I invested in Reinette & Co with the aim of supporting local fruit production, without inputs, which I feel is much more resilient than "conventional" production in the face of one crisis after another (climate, energy, etc.). What's more, I really like apples :-) Congratulations on this great project!

Chloé D.

I invested in Reinette & Co because I know the company and, above all, the importance of planting trees. I hope this project will be a success for everyone, and especially for nature!

Muriel E.

I invested in Reinette & Co because healthy, local food is essential and I know some of the people who are very involved in this project, so I'm confident that it will be well managed and fullfil its mission.

Damien D.

I invested in Reinette & Co because we need to replant high-stem orchards with pasture and hedged farmland, to encourage biodiversity and sustainable farming, and to relocalise our food supply.

Pierre G.

I invested in Reinette & Co because I appreciated the live meeting online with the founders of the project. They've convinced me about the many advantages of the project.


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Amount collected
€ 243 800
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