Apex Energies BE
Bonds 6,5%

  • Renewable energies
  • Photovoltaics
  • Climate change
  • Clean and affordable energy
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Action against climate change
Impact category Renewable energy
Amount collected : € 128 600.00



Since its founding in Montpellier in 1991, Apex Energies has become a leading renewable energy producer with a significant role in the European solar energy market. The company provides comprehensive solutions for energy production and management, reducing the ecological footprint and increasing the energy capacity of businesses and public entities. With over 180 specialists, Apex Energies manages an extensive network of more than 750 operational solar sites and has shown an average annual revenue growth of over 40% in the past four years, resulting in €83 million in revenue in 2022. The company is involved in every step of a solar energy project: from site selection, development, financing, construction, to operation and maintenance. Their expertise also includes monitoring panel performance via software and renovating and recycling parks, actively working with recognized eco-organizations. Through, you can now invest in Actéon Holding, 100% owned by Apex Energies, which allows the group to finance multiple solar energy projects simultaneously. After raising more than €215 million in 2022 from various banking and institutional investors to support the acceleration of its activities, Apex Energies is maintaining its momentum, and has reserved €2 million for French and Belgian investors in its 2023 fundraising.  

Support the development and sustainability of solar power plants by investing in Apex Energies on! 

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Jean-Claude H.

I invested in Apex Energies BE because it is a company with a very environmentally and climate-friendly approach.

Guy M.

I invested in Apex Energies BE because the company is sound and its projects are good for the environment.


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Amount collected
€ 128 600
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