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  • Education
  • Quality education
  • Reduced inequality
Impact category Start-up for good
Degree of maturity
Amount collected : 71,942.02 €
Fundraising goal
500,000 €


EvidenceB Kidscode is developing its digital activities so as to answer to educational challenges (learning of core knowledge, memorization, creativity) but also to children with developmental disorders (attention disorders, dys-type disorders, autism…), responsible for school drop-outs.

Its contents include:

- The creation of educational courses (mathematics, French…) based on cognitive sciences

- The personalization and adaptation of these activities according to the student’s profile using artificial intelligence

- The development of interfaces stimulating the attention of children including the platform (kidscode), containing a 3D video game “sandbox” but also various 2D games, chatbots…

- The distribution of this content via this platform and/or directly on the platform of clients (B2B).

☎️ Do you have questions about this project? You can call Meryl de, campaign manager, to make an appointment at a moment of your convenience.  

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3 founders

- Thierry de Vulpillières (CEO): worked for 15 years in educational publishing (Editis and Belin Education) and 12 years with Microsoft (Direction Education, international program). Co-founder of Éditions Lampsaque.

- Catherine de Vulpillières (GM): CPGE (classes préparatoires grandes écoles) professor (khâgne) and member of the jury for the external aggregation in Modern Languages. Co-founder of Éditions Lampsaque.

- Didier Plasse (Director of Strategy & Development): multiple business experiences (Immostreet, Solarneo…), including exit IPO SeLoger with a capital of 650 million euros and Business angel (with the investment funds: ISAI, 360 and Alven Capital).  


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Fundraising goal
500,000 €
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375,000 €

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575,000 €

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100,000.00 €

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