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Charlotte de Vilmorin has always been in a wheelchair. Beyond her publicist career, she created the blog Wheelcome where she relates with humor her adventures as a young parisian in a wheelchair. The blog has quickly gathered a substantial of people sharing the same challenge. Directly affected by the lack of mobility solution for disabled  people, she decided to leave her job in order to create Wheeliz and give disabled people back their mobility. Wheeliz is the first collaborative website of adapted cars leasing that fitted with disabled people needs. Late 2018, the platform federates 8 000 users and has 870 subscribed adapted cars.

To strenghten the growth of Wheeliz and reach 20 000 users by 2021: get on board and book an investment that fits with your values !

A dedicated team to provide mobility.

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7 employees

Charlotte de Vilmorin : Co-founder and CEO

Graduated from CELSA in strategy and branding, and started her career as strategic planner in advertising. She created the blog Wheelcome where she
relates with humor her adventures as a young parisian in a wheelchair and also wrote "Ne dites pas à ma mère que je suis handicapée, elle me croit trapéziste dans un cirque" published by Grasset in March 2015.

Rémi Janot : Co-founder and CTO

After IT studies, and 2 years within a progicial company, Rémi Janot decided to dedicate his career to website creation. For 6 years he multiplied then missions and skills adcquisition (e-business, growth hacking games, SaaS services, cloud ...) Il multiplie alors les expériences et les domaines de compétences (e-commerce, jeu social à fort trafic, services SaaS, infrastructure cloud....) and joined successfull start-ups à success like the game Facebook Is Cool. Charlotte et Rémi met on the blog Wheelcome.Then, the adventure begin.

Kévin Molinari : Commercial & Marketing Director

Graduated from sup de pub, he was strategic planner in several corporations before to join Wheeliz. Kévin bring to the prior team his strong skills in communication.

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Fundraising goal
400,000 €
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