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MicroFlavours is an urban farm that grows and delivers microgreens to restaurants in Brussels using a short food supply chain.

Microgreens are superfoods that are increasingly used in recipes by chefs in the restaurant/hotel industry. Concentrated in taste and in nutrition, these tiny but powerful greens have many advantages, not only in terms of taste but also in terms of cultivation. Over the last 20 years, their production has exploded in North America, and now MicroFlavours is aiming to conquer the Belgian market.

MicroFlavours grows its products in a cellar in the heart of Brussels and delivers them all over the capital by e-bike. Over 20 varieties of microgreens exist today, and MicroFlavours already works with 89 restaurants in Brussels, 8 of which are starred, and the company does not intend to stop there!

Do you want to contribute to the growth of innovative, urban, local and sustainable agriculture? Help MicroFlavours grow!

Fresh microgreens grown and delivered in Brussels


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Amount collected
€ 134 505
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