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  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Reduced inequality
  • Responsible consumption and production
Impact category Agriculture & Industries Degree of maturity
Amount collected : € 310 230.00


Cornü arose from the desire to bring change to a devastated sector. The shortcomings of the meat industry are disastrous, both for the animals and the environment, as well as for the producers and consumers. This cooperative encourages people to eat less meat, but of better quality. Several producers joined forces to protect local livestock farming. They want to ensure an ecological and traceable production, in correct conditions for both farmer and animal. Cornü wants to form a chain of local points of sale. The first store is located in a village where there are no other stores, which stimulates social cohesion and economic activity based on products of local producers.

LITA supports Cornü as a real alternative, as a response to cry of alarm from our livestock farmers and to the rural outflow. Our choice was made after discussions in the team and in the committee: we support responsible agriculture that is as sustainable as possible.

Presentation of Cornü


Stéphane H.

I invested in Cornü because I believe in reasoned, local and sustainable agriculture that respects all stakeholders and has a reduced impact on the environment.

Pierre V.

I invested in Cornü because it will reduce the number of intermediaries between meat producers and consumers, guaranteeing a better product quality.

Samuel C.

I invested in Cornü out of conviction on all the dimensions of the project and a well-done investment file.

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Amount collected
€ 310 230
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