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Amount collected : € 214 600.00


LITA has recently launched a new investment offer "Transformation" dedicated to finance companies in their transition to low carbon models. A first fundraising is organised by LITA France in the framework of this new offer and we give you the possibility to take part in it through the Belgian platform.

Today we are presenting you the opportunity to invest in the French group REALITES in order to finance the decarbonisation of its own sector, which is construction. Founded in 2003 in Nantes, the REALITES group is a medium-sized company specialised in the development of real estate projects and services in France and, more recently, in Africa. Since its creation, the Group has experienced strong growth with a turnover that has almost tripled between 2016 and 2021 (€285.7m turnover in 2021). After starting out as a residential property developer, REALITES has gradually structured itself around two main areas: project management and property management. Project management remains the Group's historic core business and is carried out on all types of property assets: collective and individual housing, offices, shops, etc. The Group also offers operating services that meet the needs of the territories (property management): support for seniors losing their independence with the Heurus residences, combating medical desertification with the MedCorner City health centers, access to quality housing for students with the Cap' Etudes residences... This approach - which addresses issues of public interest - found its concrete expression in January 2021 in the adoption of the status of a mission-driven company, as main mission to " be useful everywhere, any time, for the smart development of territories". Amongst its operational mission objectives, REALITES has chosen to take the turn with carbon transition and actively fight against global warming by committing to reduce the carbon intensity of its activities by -40% by 2031 compared to the 2020 level, in its trajectory updated with the new French environmental regulations (RE2020). To achieve this, the Group carried out a complete carbon assessment of its business in 2020 with the support of Toovalu (financed by LITA France in 2019, which supports companies in managing and implementing their climate strategy) and the consulting firm Carbone 4, enabling it to set out an ambitious carbon reduction pathway. To follow its climate strategy, the Group's financial needs are estimated to reach €30 million based on different aspects (reduction, compensation, CSR strategy) which will be detailed in the investment file. For the year 2022, the funding requirement amounts to €9m, and REALITES is asking LITA.co to act as a partner in its transformation by raising €5m (split in two stages of €2.5m) in green bonds with an impact premium. This premium will guarantee the sustainable purpose of this investment and encourage the Group to respect its carbon impact commitments.

Watch the replay of the live meeting (FR) with the founder and CEO of the group Yoann Choin-Joubert and the R&D Director Amédée Bretignière by clicking here.

Support REALITES' transformation and contribute to the progressive decarbonisation of one of the most CO2 emitting industries.

REALITES takes the turn of the carbon transition with LITA.co!


Alain R.

I invested in REALITES because this model of direct and immediate contribution to the necessary transition towards an economy underpinned by the principles of sustainable development, accompanied by serious and objectively verifiable measures and analyses, convinced me and I hope that this model will be extended and followed by other transformation actors.

Thomas A.

I invested in REALITES BE because I believe in the need to invest in the decarbonisation of the property sector and the fact that the company is supported by Carbone 4 gives me confidence in their project.

Stijn P.

I invested in REALITES because it provides a good return and at the same time it allows to invest in sustainability.

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€ 214 600
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