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  • Short circuit, Local production, Sustainabe food
  • Good health & well being
  • Responsible consumption and production
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Amount collected : 8,100.00 €
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90,000 €
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Into The Spoon offers baby food for children aged 6 to 36 months. Their offer is fresh, ultra-healthy, and prepared according to the recommended dietary specifications for each age. After noticing a gap in the market for ethical and sustainable baby food, the founders decided to launch a bio-certified product made with local and seasonal ingredients and prepared in collaboration with a sheltered workshop. Its recipes are co-created with parents, overseen by a dietician, and laboratory tested in order to ensure the highest quality for the little ones. 

In order to reach even more young foodies, Into The Spoon is looking to you to help it grow on the Belgian market ! 

Organic & fresh baby food made in Brussels 

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3 founders

Daphné Psachoulias worked in the film industry before cultivating her skills in the food processing industry for three years - she is the passionate cook of the team. During his experience in the audiovisual sector, Pierre Pinteaux developed an entrepreneurial profile with skills in sales, customer relations, logistics, and accounting. The duo was later joined by Camille Duval, a dietician by training and who is currently responsible for the quality and nutritional value of the products. Finally, Aline Bruier recently left a large company to join the team - she is in charge of the website, internal communication and logistical support.

509390a00fefe0efac58c3e813c5f6cb Pierre Pinteaux Co-founder & CEO
8a91d82cb9e3ab779bd346668f07aaf1 Daphné Psachoulias Co-founder & COO
Ced623b310ec89dabab75707b52f0750 Camille Duval Co-founder & nutritionist
6ca880e6021b60559fe97bd65ae4ee4e Aline Bruier ICT, marketing & communication


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6 Jobs created or secured

1 year after the fundraising

240people who received training on the topic of sustainable baby food at the company's workshop

1 year after the fundraising

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Fundraising goal
90,000 €
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75,000 €

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250,000 €

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